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Specialists in historic dance of the 15th and 16th centuries



Gloriana are a Midlands based group performing dances of the Medieval and Tudor periods. We perform for our love of dance and history. And maybe we also like the clothes.


A brief history of the group.

Gloriana was formed in Wolverhampton in 1978 by a group of enthusiasts with an interest in the study and practice of early music and dance circa 1450 to 1700. Some of our early members including our principal Julia Lowe are still with the group, joined by more recent members. Most of our members are based in the West Midlands, although a few travel from further afield to join us.



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Our Services

We offer displays of historic dance for the Mediaeval and Elizabethan periods as well as historical talks.


Dance Performances

We perform either medieval or renaissance dances in Court dress. Usually we would undertake 2 or 3 performances of 20 to 30 minutes throughout a day at your event. In between we are happy to mingle with the public and pose for photographs.

We have performed at a number of historic settings as well as Arts festivals.


Historical Talks

We can provide talks for history or other societies. Subjects include early dance, with demonstration and public participation, or costume with an opportunity to handle replica garments, or our wise woman. These are normally geared to take 1 hour, but timings can be modified if required. Several of our group have some personal experience in working with people with physical or mental disabilities.

Our Tudor Christmas display can be an enjoyable way to celebrate the festive season.


Dance workshops

If you want a more in depth knowledge of early dance we can offer longer workshops led by our experienced teacher Simon Haskew.